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F02018  Fiberglass Needle Mat
F02018 Fiberglass Needle Mat

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F02020  Polyester Mat
F02020 Polyester Mat

Polyester mat is an ideal substrate material for asphalt roofing rolls and shingles

F02002  Aluminum Silicate Fiberglass Mat
F02002 Aluminum Silicate Fiberglass Mat

Aluminum silicate fiberglass mat is a needled mat from aluminum silicate fiber and as essential material in industrial kiln for heat preservation

F02005 Combination Mat
F02005 Combination Mat

Combination mat can be used to produce the boat shell, Automobile, and other FRP products.

F02001 Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat
F02001 Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat

chopped strand mat is mainly for the application by hand lay-up FRP moulding, such as various sheets and panels, boat hulls, bath tube, cooling towers, etc.

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