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Products - Fiberglass Products - Fiberglass Mat - F02002 Aluminum Silicate Fiberglass Mat


Model No.: F02002

Product Name: Aluminum silicate fiberglass mat

Product Decription:


It is a needled mat from aluminum silicate fiber and as essential material in industrial kiln for heat preservation.

Thickness: 6mm~50mm. Density: 128kg/m3, 160kg/m3.

Width: 0.61m and 1.22m.

Length per roll: 10~50m.

This mat can be divided in two kinds according to different working temperature:

1) High Aluminum mat : Working temperature: 1250oC and AL2O3≥52%

2) High zirconium mat: Working temperature: 1350oC and ZrO2≥39%.

One 40' HQ can load about 410rolls, 130kg/m3 or 160kg/m3, 1.22Mx20m /roll.