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Products - Fiberglass Products - Fiberglass Mat - F02018 Fiberglass Needle Mat


Model No.: F02018

Product Name: Fiberglass Needle Mat

Product Description



1)Fiberglass needle mat can be apllied on all kinds of electrical appliances,

such as small home appliances, toasterelectric frying panMicro oven

air conditioner as the thermal insulation pad.
2)The feature that fiberglass needle mat used in the silencer has: high rate of porosity,

high rate of porosity, low thermal conductivity. Moreover,fiber glass mat

has good performance at heat insulation (700), corrosion resistance

and high tenacity. Thus, it has been widely used in automobile,

motorcycle muffler area among many car makes big country.

The theory is as follows: First, the use of its excellent sound insulation

properties to achieve noise reduction; second, owing to the use of its

good thermal insulation properties, the chemical reaction of the hybrid

gas can be carried out fully in the exhaust pipe under the high

temperature environment, then achieve low exhaust emissions.
3) The surface of the fiberglass needle mat can be coated with

aluminum foil or plastic sheets, fibercloth and so on.Then,

after being processed into strip,it can be used for the the thermal insulation

and protection of the hot and cold pipes and underground pipes,

Moreover,it can be applied to the heat insulation and sound insulation of color-coated steel tile ,generator etc.
4)Fiberglass needle mat immersed in resin processed into plate

can be used as thermal insulation sound insulation materials

for housing construction and air-conditioning.