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Products - Geosynthetic products - Geogrid - GEOB2 Biaxial Geogrid



Model No.: GEOB2


Product Name: Biaxial Geogrid



Brief Description:


Biaxial geogrid takes polypropylene as raw material, produced through plasticizing,

plate-extruding, punching, longitudinal stretching and horizontal stretching. It has high strength

both at longitudinal and horizontal direction.




1/ used to strengthen road and railway base. Improve loading of road and railway base, extend

usage validity.

2/ increase loading capacity of base, prevents land soil from sinking.

3/ used to second strengthening after using one-direction geosynthetic.

4/ used to protect slope of road and highway. Prevents stone from sliding.

5/ used to strengthen road, railway and bridge hole. Prevent bridge hole from breaking and

reduces maintaining charges.

6/ used for filtering and protecting.




Material: PP

Width: 2-4m

Roll length: 50m

Country: China


Special specification could be customized.