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Products - Geosynthetic products - Geogrid - GEOB3 Fiberglass Geogrid



Model No.: GEOB3


Product Name: Fiberglass Geogrid



Brief Description:


Fiberglass geogrid is made of E-glass fiber yarn, with high tensile strength in both of the warp and

weft directions, low enlogation, excellent temperature range, good anti-aging and alkali-resistance.




1/ high tensile strength in the warp and weft directions

2/ low elongation

3/ excellent temperature range

4/ good anti-aging and alkali-resistance

5/ compared to the traditional use of fiberglass geogrids, can reduce the construction costs, extend

road service life, and prevent deflection cracks.




1/ Reinforcement of roads and crack prevention.

2/ Constructing new roads and repairing damaged sections of asphalt surfaces of roads, motorways,

packing, airport surfaces and access ways.

3/ Expanding thoroughfares and road lanes.

4/ Asphalt reinforcing at locations subject to intensive vehicle braking or accelerating, important

junctions, bus stops etc.





Mesh size: 25.4mm×25.4mm, 12.7mm×12.7mm

Length: 50m,100m

Country: China


Special specification could be customized.