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Products - Geosynthetic products - Geonet - GEOC1 3D Vegetation Net



Model No.: GEOC1


Product Name: 3D Vegetation Net



Brief Description:


It is a kind of new style civil engineering material, included in the new material and technology

field of the national new and high-tech product category as enhancing material.




It’s kind of net patch in three dimensional structure for turf strengthening. It is loose and flexible

with 90% space left for filling soil, grit and fine stones, and plant root system can pass through it.

Plants can grow soundly with it. The grown turf will combine itself hard with net patch and earth

surface. Plant root system can go deep into 30-40cm underground, so a solid green compound

protective layer will be built.




1/ Protect land surface from the erosion of rain and wind before turf grows up.

2/ It can make the grass seeds uniformly dispersed over sloping surface solidly against wind and rain.

3/ Black net patch can absorb heat energy greatly, increase earth moisture, promote seed

pullulating and prolong vegetative period.

4/ Its rough surface can make wind and water produce incalculable votices on the net patch

surface so as to play the damping effect and urge the carrier deposit in net patch.

5/ The compound protective layer formed after plant growth can undergo high water level and

large current velocity erosion (3-4m/s for 2 days, 5-6m/s for 4-5 hours).

6/ It can replace those permanent sloping surface protective materials like concrete, pitch and

block stone, and be used to protect the sloping surface of highway, railway, river, dyke and hillside.

7/ When it is laid on the surface of sand soil ground, it can prevent sand drift, increase surface

roughness and surficial deposit, change terrene physical-chemical properties and improve local

ecological environment.


Special specification could be customized.