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Products - Geosynthetic products - Geonet - GEOC2 Two Dimensional Geonet



Model No.: GEOC2


Product Name: Two Dimensional Geonet





Product’s main material is high-polymers (high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene,

polypropylene, etc). By adding an appropriate amount of micro-added raw materials, such as

anti-UV agent, after extrusion process and special rotating head, then form into two-dimensional

geonet. It has anti-aging, anti-corrosion and other excellent features, with a certain degree of

rigidity and tensile strength.




1/ high-polymer as raw material, with considerable strength..

2/ adding a variety of micro-ingredients, with good anti-aging, durable, corrosion resistance, also

could be used under different environments.

3/ a special network structure, have a strong integrating power with soil, increase the stability of

slope, wide range of application.

4/ installation process is easy and simple.

5/ it’s a good geotechnical reinforced material, increasing the overall connectivity of soil.




1/ for road and railway slope, to prevent soil erosion

2/ for reservoir dam, earth-rock cofferdam and tunnel entrances, to prevent soil erosion

3/ for construction cofferdam, piers, to strengthen foundation

4/ for landscaping projects and green plants, to prevent soil erosion

5/ for board material of composite drainage board


Special specification could be customized.