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Products - Geosynthetic products - Geonet - GEOC4 3D Composite Geonet



Model No.: GEOC4


Product Name: 3D Composite Geonet




Brief description:


3D composite geonet for drainage is made of a unique tri-dimension geonet adhibited geotextiles

on both sides. It has the property of geotextile (filtration function) and geonet (drainage and

protection) and provide a function system “filtration-drainage-protection”. The core of net with its

unique tri-dimension structure can bear higher compressing load in construction and remain the

certain thickness, provide good water conductivity.




Landfill drainage, roadbed and road drainage, railway drainage, tunnel drainage, underground

structure drainage, the retaining back wall drainage, gardens and sports grounds drainage.




1/ excellent drainage function, can bear long time high press road.

2/ high tensile and shear strength.

3/ reduce the rate that geotextile embedding into the core of geonet, can protect long time stable water conductivity.

4/ can bear more than 2000KPa compression load.

5/ it’s anti-compression capacity is much larger than common geonet for drainage.


Special specification could be customized.