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Products - Mist Fan - Humidifying Mist Fan - AM-40W Wall-mounted Mist Fan


Item No.: AM-40W

Product Name: Humidifier Fan Parameter:

(1) Fan size: 16” wall mounted mist fan

(2) Remote control, 3 speed to choice,7.5 hours timer.

(3) Oscillation .with humidity when running.

(4) 120-spoke line grille, 1.26 -1.40 line grille.

(5) Packing: 1pc/ box (5layer).

(6) Fan body is plastic color.200g AS transparent blade.

(7) Rated Voltage: 230V. Rated Power: 100W. Rated frequency: 60Hz

(8)1.5M*2*0.75mm power cord with two flat pin plug.

(9) Mist capacity is 200ML/hour, Tank capacity is 1.5L.


Product Use

The humidifier and the fan are incorporated in one, can be used either alone or

in combination. The humidifier can make the air more wet and improve air

quality, to be cool in the hot summer.

(1) Add the water, it can make the air more wet.

(2) Add the perfume, it can make the room sweetness.

(3) Add the mosquito repellent liquid, it can give you a

quiet and comfortable space.


Product Advantage

(1) Infrared remote control with chromatic lights

(2) Beautiful design, perfect for room decoration

(3) Power saving design, low power consumption

(4) Quiet operation and powerful airflow

(5) Great for the coming season.