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Products - Fiberglass Products - Other Fiberglass Products - F13005 Fiberglass Reinforced Net for Grinding Wheel


Model No.: F13005

Product Name: Fiberglass Reinforced Net for Grinding Wheel

Product Description:

Fiberglass Reinforced Net for Grinding Wheel is cut by puncher from reinforcing netlike

fiberglass cloth for grinding wheel. The cloth was coated with phenolic resin and epoxy resin,

and then was baked. Our products are divided into two big types. One type is nets coated with

adhesive-bonded fabric and nets coated with black paper. The other type is pure net.

Then netlike piece is widely used as the basal material of grinding

wheel which adopts resin as adhesive agent. The grinding wheel which is made with this basal material

has properties of excellent heat resistance, cutting at high speed and great structural strength.