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Model No.: F13007

Product Name: Fiberglass Wall Covering

Product Description:

It is made from roving and soft textile fiberglass sliver. It is good products for
corrosive and environment protection. There are 24 types of different weaves.

Specification: 1m (W) x 25m/50m (L) per roll.

Area weight: 100g/m², 130g/m², 150g/m², 160g/m², 180k/m² or 220g/m².

Packing: One 40 HQ Conainer can load 56 pallets, 65,000m2 in total.

Fiberglass Wall Covering Characteristic

1.A new building material for the decoration of the wall.

The weaving effect and third dimension is excellent .

It has perfect function and security performance.

2. Perfect decorating property and reinforce.

3. The raw materials are from the nature .no pollution in the process of producing.

4. Long life, reducing the long term cost.

5. It can use for all kinds of wall.

6. The solid texture will be still in focus after coating the paint many times.

7. Reinforcing the surface of the wall covering the crack .enduring friction and wear well.

8. Breath freely.

9. Easy to wash, reducing the maintain cost.

10. Together with the suitable paint and glue, it is fire proof.

11. Easy to process.


1、      Clean the wall, any holes or cracks should be filled with filling stuff.

2、      The application should be started from a corner. The width of the material  is 1 meter .

draw a vertical line on the wall with a heavy bob and pencil.

3、      Rolling-brush the glue ,the width of each roll should be about 1.2meter .

(10cm more than that of the glass –fiber wall covering)

4、      Daub the glue slightly through the wall with a board so that the glue would be evenly distributed on the wall.

5、      Stick the material along the vertical line drawn previously ,

and leave allowance of  3cm or so on both upper and lower corners , 

Should any cutting and connecting be needed, make sure the overlapping area

of two pieces of cloth should be about 5cm and made sure the two pieces

connect smoothly according to the pattern before cutting is down.

6、      The glue should be completely dry before the coating is rolled on the wall ,

two times of painting is enough .