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Products - Fiberglass Products - Other Fiberglass Products - F13012 Fiberglass Combination Non Woven


Model No.: F13012

Product Name: Fiberglass combination non woven

Product Description:

Glass fibre combination non woven is made on the base of non woven by compositing some density glass fibre,

through high temperature, stoving, finalizing the design. It is a kind of reinforcement combination material.

(1) weight: 110g/m2,120g/m2, 200g/m2 and so on

(2) width:1M

(3) Function: It is used for making changed SBS waterproof material, and for waterproof

in the underground, building roofing, ground and pond.
(4)Combination fabric is base cloth of using SBS waterproof material, among waterproof materials,

this kind of product is the best favourable.