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Products - Mist Fan - High Pressure Mist Fan - AM-Isup High Pressure Mist Fan


Item No.: AM-Isup

Product Name: Mist Fan

Product design principle

AM-Isup series (all in one) is an outdoor cooling system for any place movable where you want, the mist system

is special nozzles with special high pressure technology, so don’t need the big, separate and high price pump unit,

it is all in one.


Product Parameter

1.  Fan characteristic:  All in one

2.  Fan diameter: 650mm (26 inches)

3.  Fan height: adjustable from 1700 mm to 2000 mm

4.  Fan Blade: Aluminum, 2 leaves or 3 leaves

5.  Fan oscillation adjustable: 90 degrees automatically

6.  Fan tilt adjustable: 30 degrees

7.  Available area:  30 square meters

8.  Water supply pipe: 5 meters.

9.  Water supply type(Two selection) :

1) Connect to tap water directly.

2) Connect to water tank.

10.  Size of tap water connector: ZG 1/2 inch

11.  Temperatures drop:  4ºC-8ºC

12.  Total weight without water: 22.00kgs

13.  Dielectric Strength: 1 min at


Current < 5mA 

14.  Operation Temperature: 10~60

15.  Operation Humidity: 10%~85%

16.  Working voltage: 100V-120V for 110V and

190V-250V for 220V

17.  Manual Control Model: 

AM-Isup -MA1, AM-Isup -MA2

18.  Remote Control Model: 

AM-Isup -RA1, AM-Isup -RA2


Product Application

1.      Cooling: outdoor restaurants play areas, bus stations, railway stations, waiting areas, hotels, also for working areas,

2.      loading docks, zoos, etc.

3.      Suppressing DUST: Remove atmosphere dust, recycling, waster and refuse handing, farming, mining, pollution control,

4.      decrease unpleasant odor, etc.

3. Increasing humidity: spinning mills, cotton warehouse, park, greenhouse,

testing chambers, flour mills, etc.

4. Agriculture: poultry farms, mushroom plants, riding arenas, birds and animals, kennels, ensures proper humidity levels and

suitable conditions, improves the operations for al kinds of livestock industries.

5. Special effects of mist: Gardens, zoos, malls, fairs, movies sets, water features, fountain, used for creative fog effects.