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Products - Toilet Bidet - Sanitary Toilet Bidet - NAI-13 Sanitary Toilet Seat


Item No.: NAI-13

Product Name: Sanitary Toilet Seat

The characters of product

(1) Button operation, simple and convenient: just press gently on the button, the film will be replaced automatically,

 and destroy the used one at the same time, rapid and simple.

(2) Just one thin film, without any concern: The clean and soft new health film completely isolates the flesh and the

cushion, absolutely safe, give you a completely private bathroom.

(3) Cut cost, save money: the cost of using toilet paper of water to clean conventional toilet seat before use will be

 high due to increase costs of paper, plumbing and cleaning. Replacing old conventional toile seat with intelligent

toilet seat can eliminate much cost.

(4) Protecting the environment and recycling: the used intelligent sanitary seat can be recycled to comply with

environmental protection regulations.