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Longwin (Hangzhou Longwin Industry Ltd.) is a manufacture and wholesale company with over 15 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and delivering quality products to our customers.

 We create fashionable, fun, and functional cleaning supplies and household items,which are with high quality and fashionable design year round.We hope to provide you with all the products which will help the home/yourself/your car tidy, warm and pretty. Give you one-stop purchase experience with as many styles as possible!

Our factory is located in Zhejiang province, where is famous of novel design and super manufacturing power.Our main product are: household cleaning product, kitchen cleaning product, home decorations, home storage product, body cleaning product and car cleaning product.

Household cleaning product: flooring cleaning mop, table top cleaning rugs and glass cleaning product.Kitchen cleaning product: dish washing sponge, stainless steel scrubber, rugs, cellulose cloth, loofah product and some biodegradable products.

Home decorations: table decorative accessoriesHome storage product: plastic box, foldable cabinet, foldable shoe cabinet, Jewelry Box.Body cleaning product: make up remove towel, microfiber puff, konjac sponge, cotton towel, scrubbing gloves, loofah sponge, loofah scrubbing belt, bath towel, shower cap, sport towel, beach towel.

Car cleaning product: large drying microfiber cloth, crystal-plated waxed towel, window cleaning towel, strong water absorbency towel, clean gloves, clean sponge, clean tools and clean set.

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of products throughout the year so be sure to visit regularly to see what’s new!We pride ourselves on excellent service at all levels. Explore our website to see this year’s hot items, request a catalog, and find a rep near you. We are in business to serve you!

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