Impressive Makeup Organizer With Mirror 22.5*14*5cm

Item Name Makeup Organizer With Mirror
Black, White
Accessories, makeup, Pill, food storage
Size 22.5*14*5cm
Bathroom Car Kitchen Bedroom Desk
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Microfiber (or microfibre) is synthetic fiber finer than one denier or decitex/thread, having a diameter of less than ten micrometers. A strand of silk is about one denier and about a fifth of the diameter of a human hair.

The most common types of microfiber are made variously of polyesterspolyamides (e.g., nylonKevlarNomextrogamide); and combinations of polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene.

Microfiber is used to make mats, knits, and weaves, for apparel, upholstery, industrial filters, and cleaning products. The shape, size, and combinations of synthetic fibers are chosen for specific characteristics, including softness, toughness, absorption, water repellence, electrostatics, and filtering ability Makeup Organizer With Mirror.


Production of ultra-fine fibers (finer than 0.7 denier) dates from the late 1950s, using melt-blown spinning and flash spinning techniques. Initially, only fine staples of random length could be manufactured and very few applications were found.[1]

Then Makeup Organizer With Mirror came experiments to produce ultra-fine fibers of a continuous filament type: the most promising experiments were made in Japan in the 1960s, by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto, a scientist at Toray Industries.[2]

Okamoto’s discoveries and those of Dr. Toyohiko Hikota led to many industrial applications, including Ultrasuede, one of the first successful synthetic microfibers, which Makeup Organizer With Mirror entered the market in the 1970s. Microfiber’s use in the textile industry then expanded. Microfibers were first publicized in the early 1990s, in Sweden, and saw success as a product in Europe over the course of the decade.



Microfiber fabric is frequently used for athletic wear, such as cycling jerseys, because the microfiber material wicks moisture (perspiration) away from the body; subsequent evaporation cools the wearer. Microfiber is also very elastic while still holding its shape, Makeup Organizer With Mirror making it suitable for undergarments. Microfiber holds up well through time and is more stain-resistant than other fabrics.

Microfiber can be used to make tough, very soft fabric for clothing, often used in skirts and jackets. Microfiber fabric can also be used in bathrobes, jackets, swim trunks, and other aquatic apparel. Microfiber can be made into Ultrasuede, a synthetic imitation of suede leather, Makeup Organizer With Mirror which is cheaper and easier to clean and sew than natural suede leather.


Microfiber is used to make many accessories that traditionally have been made from leather: wallets, handbags, backpacks, book covers, shoes, cell phone cases, and coin purses. Microfiber fabric is lightweight, durable, and somewhat water repellent, Makeup Organizer With Mirror so it makes a good substitute.

Another advantage of microfiber fabric (compared to leather) is that it can be coated with various finishes and can be treated with antibacterial chemicals. Fabric can also be printed with various designs, Makeup Organizer With Mirror embroidered with colored thread, and heat-embossed.

Other uses[edit]

Textiles for cleaning[edit]


Makeup Organizer With Mirror for cleaning screens and lenses


Microfiber mop with velcro back for fastening on handle

In cleaning products, microfiber can be 100% polyester, Makeup Organizer With Mirror or a blend of polyester and polyamide (nylon). It can be either a woven product or a non woven product, the latter most often used in limited use or disposable cloths.

In the highest-quality fabrics for cleaning applications, the fiber is split during the manufacturing process to produce multi-stranded fibers. A cross section of the split microfiber fabric under high magnification Makeup Organizer With Mirror would look like an asterisk.[citation needed]

The split fibers and the size of the individual filaments make the cloths more effective than other fabrics for cleaning purposes. The structure traps and retains the dirt and also absorbs liquids. Unlike cotton, microfiber leaves no lint, the exception being some micro Makeup Organizer With Mirror suede blends, where the surface is mechanically processed to produce a soft plush feel.[citation needed]

For microfiber to be most effective as a cleaning product, especially for water-soluble soils and waxes, it should be a split microfiber. Non-split microfiber is little more than a very soft cloth. The main exception is for cloths used for facial cleansing and for the removal of skin oils (sebum), sunscreens, and mosquito repellents from optical surfaces such as cameras, phones and eyeglasses wherein higher-end proprietary woven, 100% polyester cloths using 2 µm filaments, will absorb these types of oils without smearing.[citation needed]

Microfiber that is used in non-sports-related clothing, furniture, and other applications is not split because it is not designed to be absorbent, just soft. When buying, microfiber may not be labeled to designate whether it is split.

One method to determine the Makeup Organizer With Mirror type of microfiber is to run the cloth over the palm of the hand. A split microfiber will cling to imperfections of the skin and can be either heard or felt as it does. Alternatively, a small amount of water can be poured onto a hard, flat surface and pushed with the microfiber. If the water is pushed rather than absorbed, it is not split microfiber.[citation needed]

Microfiber can be electrostatically charged for special purposes like filtration.[3][better source needed]

Cloths and mops[edit]

Microfiber products used for consumer cleaning are generally constructed from split conjugated fibers of polyester and polyamide. Microfiber used for commercial cleaning products also includes many products constructed of 100% polyester. Microfiber products Makeup Organizer With Mirror are able to absorb oils especially well and are not hard enough to scratch even paintwork unless they have retained grit or hard particles from previous use. Due to hydrogen bonding, Makeup Organizer With Mirror containing polyamide absorbs and holds more water than other types of fibres.

Microfiber is widely used by car detailers to handle tasks such as removing wax from paintwork, quick detailing, interior cleaning, glass cleaning, and drying. Because of their fine fibers which leave no lint or dust, Makeup Organizer With Mirrors are used by car detailers and enthusiasts in a Makeup Organizer With Mirror similar manner to a chamois leather.

Microfiber is used in many professional cleaning applications, for example in mops and cleaning cloths. Although microfiber mops cost more than non-microfiber mops, they may be more economical because they last longer and require less effort to use Makeup Organizer With Mirror.[4][5]

Microfiber textiles designed for cleaning clean on a microscopic scale. Makeup Organizer With Mirror According to tests, using microfiber materials to clean a surface reduces bacteria by 99%, whereas a conventional cleaning material reduces bacteria by only 33%.[6] Microfiber cleaning tools also absorb fat and grease and their electrostatic properties allow them to attract dust strongly.

Makeup Organizer With Mirrors are also used to clean photographic lenses as they absorb oily matter without being abrasive or leaving a residue, and are sold by major manufacturers such as SinarNikon and Canon. Small microfiber cleaning cloths are commonly sold for Makeup Organizer With Mirror cleaning computer screens and eyeglasses.


Cloth for cleaning glasses

Microfiber is unsuitable for some cleaning applications as it accumulates dust, debris, and particles. Sensitive surfaces (such as all high-tech coated surfaces e.g. CRTLCD and plasma screens) can easily be damaged by a Makeup Organizer With Mirror if it has picked up grit or other abrasive particles during use. Makeup Organizer With Mirror One way to minimize the risk of damage to flat surfaces is to use a flat, non-rugged Makeup Organizer With Mirror, as these tend to be less prone to retaining grit.

Rags made of microfiber must only be washed with regular laundry detergent, not oily, self-softening, soap-based detergentsFabric softener must not be used. The oils and cationic surfactants in the softener and self-softening detergents will clog up Makeup Organizer With Mirror the fibers and make them less absorbent until the oils are washed out. Also, since microfibre cloth attracts much soil and holds water tightly, it provides an ideal nutritional environment for various microorganisms.


Microfiber materials such as PrimaLoft are used for thermal insulation as a replacement for down feather insulation in sleeping bags and outdoor equipment, because of their better retention of heat when damp or wet. Microfiber is also used for water insulation in automotive car covers. Depending on the technology the fiber manufacturer is using, such material may contain from 2 up to 5 thin layers, merged. Such combination ensures not only high absorption factor,Makeup Organizer With Mirror but also breathability of the material, which prevents greenhouse effect.


With microfiber-shelled basketballs already used by FIBA, the NBA introduced a microfiber ball for the 2006–07 season.[7] The ball, which is manufactured by Spalding, does not require a “break-in” period of use as leather balls do and has the ability to absorb water and oils, Makeup Organizer With Mirror meaning that sweat from players touching the ball is better absorbed, making the ball less slippery.[7]

Over the course of the season, the league received many complaints from players who found that the ball bounced differently from leather balls, and that it left cuts on their hands.[8] On January 1, 2007, the league scrapped the use of all microfiber balls and returned to Makeup Organizer With Mirror leather basketballs.[8]


Microfibers used in tablecloths, furniture, and car interiors are designed to repel wetting and consequently are difficult to stain. Microfiber tablecloths will bead liquids until they are removed and are sometimes advertised showing red wine on a white tablecloth that wipes clean with Makeup Organizer With Mirror a paper towel. This and the ability to mimic suede economically are common selling points for microfiber upholstery fabrics (e.g., for couches).[citation needed]

Microfibers are used in towels especially those to be used at swimming Makeup Organizer With Mirror  pools as even a small towel dries the body quickly. They dry quickly and are less prone than cotton towels to become stale if not dried immediately. Makeup Organizer With Mirrors need to be soaked in water and pressed before use, as they would otherwise repel water as microfiber tablecloths do.[citation needed]

Microfiber is also used for other applications such as making menstrual pads, Makeup Organizer With Mirror cloth diaper inserts, body scrubbers, face mitts, whiteboard cleaners, and various goods that need to absorb water and/or attract small particle.


Superfine fibers are mainly divided into superfine natural fibers and superfine synthetic fibers. Ultra-fine natural fibers mainly include animal fibers (spider silk, silk, leather, animal hair, etc.), plant fibers, etc.; ultra-fine synthetic fibers mainly include polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, and glass Fiber and other fiber varieties, the largest output in the industry is polyester and polyamide two kinds of ultrafine fibers. [2]
Superfine natural fiber

  1. Animal fiber In order to survive and develop, organisms in nature have created a series of optimal compositions and structures under the promotion of external environment, so that organisms have special structures and functions to adapt to natural environmental changes. For example, the diameter of the silk that spiders spit out in normal environments is 0.5-1.0μm, has good toughness (elongation at break of 14%), and has a strong ability to withstand heavy objects or strong external impacts.

It can be used to prepare body armor and body armor worn by soldiers. The protective cover of military machinery can also be used in aerospace, construction, medicine, health care and other fields, and has huge potential application value. Silk is another important natural protein fiber. It is composed of silk fibroin and sericin wrapped around the silk fibroin. Each silk is composed of two single fibers side by side. The linear density of the fiber after degumming is 1.1~1.3 dtex.

The strength of silk is high, the elongation at break can reach 15%~25%, and the abrasion resistance is better than other natural fibers. It also has important applications in the medical, textile and military fields. In addition, animal fur (the microfibril diameter of wool fiber is 10-15nm) and the fibril linear density in the cortex are both less than 1.1dtex, which is the main reason for the excellent performance of natural leather, and has become the first choice for bionic research and artificial leather manufacturing. [2]

  1. In addition to animal fiber, plant fiber is another natural fiber with excellent performance. It is mainly distributed in the thick-walled tissues of seed plants. The basic component is cellulose, which is a polymerization of 7000~10000 glucose molecules connected by glycoside chains. Things. As an outstanding representative of ultra-fine natural plant fibers, the diameter of cotton fiber is 10-17μm, which constitutes the smallest unit of cotton fiber-the diameter of microfibril is about 6nm.

It is widely distributed on the surface of plant seeds, which is the theoretical research and industrialization of the textile industry. Important raw material for application. In addition, in plant stems, some hemp herb stems. For example, ramie, jute, flax, etc., have relatively developed fiber bundles with fiber diameters between 10 and 40 μm, which are important sources of raw materials for industrial textiles. [2]
Superfine synthetic fiber

Mankind has found a lot of inspiration from the development and evolution of natural organisms, and has developed many ultra-fine synthetic fibers, which are soft to the touch, excellent in drape, and comfortable to wear.

They are currently the focus of research and development of ultra-fine fibers in countries around the world. Various types of synthetic fibers in the industry, such as polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, polypropylene, etc., can be obtained through certain technical means to obtain ultra-fine fiber varieties. At present, the industrialization of ultra-fine polyester is more mature than other fibers, and it occupies a dominant position in textile fibers. [2]





Product Name

Makeup Organizer With Mirror

Brand Name
Use Accessories, makeup, Pill, food storage
White, Black
Bathroom Car Bedroom Desk
Size 22.5*14*5cm


Impressive Makeup Organizer With Mirror 22.5*14*5cm



Use Accessories, makeup, Pill, food storage
Packing Opp Bag or pack in bulk


 high quality/Large capacity/Save space/ Flip style


1. Durable, multiple uses, simple in shape
 2. Sustainable,  Stocked
3. Moistureproof and Dustproof
4. Clean and tidy

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